• Devan Wardrop-Saxton

PSGW 2019!

Grateful to all involved for another extraordinary summer at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop! I've been back home for a week now, but some part of my mind and heart haven't quite made it back from the lake yet. Some things that did make it back: new layers of guitar calluses, the otherworldly harmonies of traditional Corsican music, collaborative writing exercises, connections with old friends and new friends and the wellspring that is community.

There are so many reasons this place and these people are important to me, but this summer the common belief in the power of music, shared, was more meaningful than usual. It is a small thing against the dark, dark tide we are fighting against in this country, but small joys are still joys. Small triumphs are still triumphs. Songs alone cannot change the world, but they are still important. I am so grateful for the reminder that art, made in good faith and generously shared, is always worth it.

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